Silver Creek High School Gas Leak

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – At 10:34 a.m. administrators started evacuating students due to a gas leak on campus. 

All students were ushered to the school blacktop by the tennis courts, with little to no idea what was occurring. After a very quiet announcement, students were informed about the incident, with speculations that it started at the construction site for the new building.

Soon after teachers went around telling students to find their 3rd-period teachers and so far have no more information about what would happen. 

With the cold weather and possible rain continuing students wonder what the admin will say. As well as it being AP testing season with students taking tests this morning.


Remind messages and emails were sent out saying students stay outside. Students were informed only 30 more minutes.

Students are now instructed to find their 4th-period teachers with those in the L building instructed to go to the gym.

Students are expressing annoyance with Creek staff. With outcry of if we are in danger why are we still here. Especially with the other buildings not being secure.

No word on how the AP Test will be conducted for the rest of the day, with AP Psychology supposed to be in the afternoon and AP Environmental Science being in the morning.

It is now expected for classes to continue as usual for the day.

An email was sent saying that PG&E has cleared the campus and all persons are safe. Still no word about the L building, it is surrounded by caution tape.

Those who were taking an APES and stuff is in the library, will be allowed to get their stuff at a later date. AP Psychology is still happening and in the scheduled rooms.

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