HBO max new star packed show; The Idol 

By: Leila Radwan 

SAN JOSE CALIF— The Idol is set to be released at the Cannes Film Festival in May and early this summer, June 4th, 2023

The Weeknd may have conquered the music world but has yet to tackle the world of television. The pop star is co-writing, starring in, and executive producing the HBO show. The show combines the music industry and cults. With Lily Rose Depp front and center as an up and coming pop star. 

Tedros (Tesfaye), club promoter and a leader of a secret cult, and Joceyln (Depp) cross paths in the wake of Joceylns career-ending breakdown. In attempts to save her career and embark on “the biggest touring act ever”, she begins a relationship with Tedros who brainwashes her and pulls her into the darker side of Hollywood. 

The question arose around the two main characters: Who is The Idol? The sleazy cult leader or popstar?

Alongside Tesfaye and Depp the cast is star packed, including Daniel Levy from Schitt’s Creek, Jennie Kim from the K-pop band BlackPink, Nico Hriaga, Troy Sivan, Anne Heche, and more. 

Months ahead of its release the show has already stirred up controversy. Being called “ the sleaziest love story of all time”. Earlier this year The Weeknd took to instagram to respond to Rolling Stones critics after the Magazine reported the show had gone “wildy, disgustedly off the rails”. He called the magazine irrelevant and captioning the picture “@rollingstone did we offend you?”. With all the drama circling around the The Idol, Its release should be no different. 

 Portraits from The Idol’s instagram capturing behind the scenes moments
Photo credit: Screen shot by Leila Radwan

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