Demon Slayers’ New Season, Swordsmith Village, is Finally Released

By: Toby Bon

SAN JOSE, CALIF.–With each of the three new of Demon Slayer an occasional release of about one to two years, the highly anticipated season has just been released on April 9, 2023. The new season has been aired in Japan and is available on streaming sites like Crunchyroll.

Just like all of the other anime shows, the company that runs Demon Slayer, Ufotable, releases episodes weekly on Sunday. The show has also produced only two movies that did well in the box office. This is because when they air on television in Japan, companies will only have one chance a week to show an episode. The new season was first revealed to be in production on Feb. 13, 2022 on Twitter when the official account of the show tweeted a teaser image. About two months later, the trailer for the new season was released on April 16, 2022.

A picture of the main character of the show, Tanjiro.
Photo Credit: Ink Logos on PublicDomainPictures.net

The show is about the main character, Tanjiro, joining a secret society called the Demon Slayer Corps where their goal is to eradicate all man-eating demons. All of the seasons are just parts of the main character’s adventure of his new life in defeating demons with exciting new stories and characters.

“I first heard about Demon Slayer when my sister told me about it. I only started watching when everybody was raving on the internet about how good it was.” said Minh Doan, a sophomore at Silver Creek. Doan also stated that when he started watching the show, he could understand why it was so liked in the anime industry. “The plot is a little basic but besides that the anime is really good. The animation is amazing and the pacing is great and keeps you watching the show.” Doan said.

The show has definitely lived up to the hype that was put on fans that have read the manga. Demon Slayer has been known to have top tier animation and being very appealing to the audience. Fans of the show respect the hard work the animators put into every episode with the scenery and style of the characters.

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