What are the plans for the Silver Creek Badminton Team?

(Gym area where most badminton players spend their time playing in. Photo Credit: Katherine Doan)

By Katherine Doan

Mar. 28, 2023

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – The Silver Creek badminton team is currently in the midst of its season, and the players enjoy playing in the competitions.

The badminton season started off at a promising start with many players showing up to tryouts. The team competed against several different schools’ badminton teams and achieved numerous victories, with only a single loss suffered. The team’s hard work and efforts in training sessions have definitely been paying off with positive outcomes. The ongoing season shows that the badminton team is competitive and capable of winning against different opponents. 

The badminton team has a very devoted coaching staff, that consists of Mr. Chu, Mr. Vu, Coach Minh, Coach Tom, and Charles. These instructors have been crucial in directing and training the badminton players at every stage of their development. Their efforts have greatly contributed to the immense success of the badminton team this season.

The badminton team recently welcomed two new freshmen players among many others, Chloe Kim and Darren Tran, who joined due to their enthusiasm for the sport. These new additions to the team have expanded the team’s roster and brought fresh energy to the group.

“Badminton is enjoyable and thrilling because it is very technical and finesse-heavy,” Tran states. “Despite the challenges presented by this level of technicality, overcoming difficulties brings an incredible sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.”

“In badminton, people can strengthen their ties with their team members while simultaneously developing their skills,” Kim says. She claims that badminton provides players with a lively and interesting environment.

Some of the older players, Anaya Jain and Kenley Huynh also have their fair share in the badminton team.

One of them, Jain, says that in addition to coaching all the players, Mr. Vu and Mr. Chu spent a lot of time and effort opening and closing the gym. On the other hand, Huynh says that the coaches are incredibly relatable and down to earth, they crack jokes and are very encouraging.

“All the food and laughs that are after and before the games are the best parts about the badminton team,” Jain exclaims. “If I had any advice for you regarding badminton, I would advise you to enjoy yourself. There will be times when you experience a lot of wins or losses, but you must play and improve for the sake of improving your game.”

When playing badminton, Huynh advises not to compare yourself to the best players. “Instead, take what you can from them, compare yourself to those who are at your level, and continue to get better. Comparing yourself to the elite can be extremely demoralizing and will sap your enthusiasm for the game.”

The badminton team has some advice for the athletes that are planning to join the badminton team next year. 

When learning badminton, they suggest that it is advantageous to play in open spaces with plenty of room for movement. Additionally, they advise practicing swinging back and forth and hitting birdies. This improves the player’s hand-eye coordination and helps them control the birdie. The best way to pick up a new sport is to play on large fields while honing your swinging and hitting mechanics.

In addition to working the body physically, badminton simultaneously works mentally. The sport improves hand-eye coordination in the brain, which aids in quick reactions. It appears that badminton can lower the risk of CHD by limiting blood vessel clogging and strengthening the heart muscles.  

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