Plus one for Mr. Pun, the math teacher

Hong-Pun - Edulastic Blog
A photo of Mr. Pun
Photo Credit: Hong Pun

“Plus one!” a common phrase used by one of Silver creek high schools math teachers. Pun, one of the math teachers for Math 1, commonly used this phrase to reward students in his class for good behavior, completing assignments etc.

Originally coming from Great Britain, Pun immigrated to the United States for more learning opportunities. He went to Georgia Tech, and SJSU from his computer science major, and mathematics minor.

Pun likes math, gaming, and football. He roots for his Georgia tech team of Yellow Jackets football. In his free time he also likes to spend time with his wife and kids, and workout.

Pun believes that he has a strong sense of morals as he believes that almost nothing beats hard work, and consistency. In an interview with Pun he states, “Hard Work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” He agreed that all of his students have the ability to pass his class as long as they 

Besides his primary job at Silver Creek of being a math teacher. Pun is also a father and has a family of his own. He enjoys doing things that other people would enjoy doing as well.  In class he expects all of his teachers to work hard and try to pay attention as he believes that all of his students are exceptional, and can achieve their goal as long as they work hard.

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