Amy Chau: A Candidate on Track to Become a Potential Club Officer!

By: Valerie Sandoval

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Amy Chau, a freshman at Silver Creek, is working hard for an officer position in the Kpop Club next year. 

Chau was very excited to join and be a part of something enjoyable for her, she mentioned as soon as she joined the club she immediately wanted to become an officer. “After watching officers perform, I wanted to be like them, and become one,” she explained. Chau was very cheerful during the interview process saying what she felt at the moment. 

A photo of Amy Chau
Photo Credits: Amy Chau

Chau started with her love for K-pop at a very young age, influenced by a trendy song at the time, “Gangnam Style”. Soon she started expanding her love for the genre. As her time in middle school ended, she started searching for K-pop-related activities to join at Creek. “Before I joined Silver Creek, I was very into K-pop and watching SCKP performance videos. I thought it was a very good idea to join the club here,” she said.

Chau mentioned her most challenging experience so far has been teaching a large group choreography, for an upcoming event, “Grove 4 Kids”. 

The most difficult part for her was meeting many new people and opening up. “Having to get to know people, and going around introducing myself to new faces”. Chau commented. “Although I found it scary, my favorite part was making lots of new friends which whom I share the same interests as them,” she said. Chau commented on lots of her personal K-pop likes, such as her favorite groups, and ideal K-pop music. 

Chau loves all things K-pop. “I love Enyphen a lot, they are one of my favorite groups. I also really love their song Let me in, it’s one of the best ones!” Chau really expressed how excited she was. Hopefully, she gets the chance to become an officer. Best of luck to Amy Chau.

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