Should you Watch the New “Creed III” Movie?

By Harold Nguyen

Photo of boxer by Fxquadro Stock Adobe

SAN JOSE, CALIF-  On March 3, 2023. The final movie of the Creed trilogy finally landed in theaters, and people are debating on whether or not they should go to see the movie in theaters. In my opinion the movie was very good and seeing it would be a good idea. 

The trilogy surrounds the main character Adonis Creed, the son of boxer Apollo Creed. In the final movie, Adonis Creed has retired as heavyweight champion of the world. Retired to help run a boxing gym and turn amaetur boxers into pros. After his childhood friend who also boxes comes back from prison Adonis uses him in order to fight a heavyweight champion expecting Dame to lose. However, Dame unexpectedly wins the fight making him the new champion. After turning to champ, Dame challenges Creed to fight for the title of heavy weight champion with Creed’s past as blackmail to fight in the match. 

According to many students at Silver Creek High School they agreed that the movie was very good. Jessica Hoang, a freshman at Silver creek stated, “yeah it’s pretty cool and tense, I like the fight scenes!” Another student Casey Tran(Freshman) said” the movie was very good and Michael B Jordan was very sexy.” 

I believe that “Creed III” is a great movie to watch. The way Michael B Jordan comes back and plays as Adonis Creed is truly great. The fight scenes and visuals in the movie were great. Although they could have slowed the movie down as the film felt very rushed. Altogether the movie was fantastic, and you should definitely watch it if you have time or you wanna watch a movie about boxing, but don’t know where to start.

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