Indoor Schools vs Outdoor Schools

By Rose Stefano

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Outdoor schools are for mobility but not great for weather, and indoor schools are the opposite; terrible for mobility but great for weather. The question is, which one outdoes the other?

Each school has a customized layout unique to their school. Silver Creek has a color scheme of orange and black, and we have buildings coordinated based on the alphabet. With another being constructed right now!

Silver Creek being an outdoor school is not great for weather conditions. An example being on rainy days, despite the drains in the floor, the water doesn’t go away forming puddles. 

The school has an easy layout since the layout of the buildings are simple and easy. It’s hard to get lost in the school since maps are given to you at the beginning of the year. Though sometimes it’s unexpected to suddenly wake up and find out there’s an L building.

Middle schools, ones I’ve seen, are generally indoor schools. “I went to a middle school that was indoor so I was really confused when I saw there were so many buildings.” says Crystal Sanchez, SIlver Creek freshmen. 

Indoor schools generally have a layout of one or more buildings with all their classrooms stacked up in one building. Their play area is outdoor due to their playground. A school can’t be without a field. Sports are obviously played on the fields, the PE is done on the basketball courts.

I prefer an indoor school because of the current weather. Rain comes every other day. Everywhere are puddles, everywhere I go puddle, puddle. Outdoor schools are nice and all but sometimes the wind is just too much for me.

Silver Creek High School billboard. Wikimedia Commons

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