By: Dana Guevara

Flyer for the School of Rock (Photo Credit: SCHS DRAMA CLASS)

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Come out and support SCHS’s annual Spring Musical, where students will be performing School of Rock from the sixth to the eighth of April.

The show is about a guy, Dewey Finn, who gets thrown out of his band and is desperate for a job. He then decides to impersonate his roommate, Ned Scheebly, who is substituting at Horace Green Prep where he finds many gifted and musically talented students. Feeling inspired, he immediately preps them for the local Battle of the Bands competition.

Onstage rehearsal. (Photo Credit: Destiny Moreno)

The cast has been working on the show for about five months now, rehearsing every school day so a lot of dedication and effort takes place in the show. You have got to give them props because they’re truly giving it their all.

Audrey Larnerd (cast member who plays Ned Scheebly) states “I don’t know about 2nd period, but I know that my class and myself worked extremely hard to put the musical together with Ms. Koizumi running the whole thing. It’s a light-hearted and funny show that I hope everyone is able to come and watch!”

Rehearsing in the music room. (Photo credit: Ms.Koizumi)

Drama teacher at SCHS, Gabrielle Koizumi, encourages students to come to watch the show. When asked to put the show into words, she describes it as energetic, funny, and even endearing. It showcases over 80 students and it’s definitely one you will never forget.

SCHS students are able to get a voucher for a free ticket to the show from Ms.Koizumi in U-11. Tickets are limited so snatch them quick!

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