Phi James, Multiple Jobs? No problems!

By: Tony Nguyen

SAN JOSE, Calif.– Phi James is a teacher currently working at Silver Creek High school, and she is a History teacher, but she also takes care of other stuff at school such as being Assets Coordinator.

James has been working at Silver Creek for almost 13 years, and as a teacher, she always finds her job interesting, as she always has more things to learn, and her students always find a way to entertain students in her class. She always tries to encourage her students to work by giving them lots of opportunities to get extra credit like giving students a calendar. If the students show up to class they get a stamp every day and they can redeem the calendar for additional credit. And she also took on many jobs at once because it was a getaway for her and it would also help her later on in her retirement. She doesn’t regret taking on many jobs at once, though she does regret that she can’t spend as much time as she wants with her children. 

A picture of Phi James
Source: Tony Nguyen

Even though she stated that she hasn’t gotten everything in her life sorted out yet, she has been trying to organize everything, and she has learned how to keep schoolwork away from her personal life. With everything going on in her life she tries not to neglect her children and give them as much support and help as she can because they’re at the age where they would need a lot of encouragement and support from their parents. And taking on many jobs and taking care of her kids come at the cost of a lot of stress, and she would often deal with the stress by working out, or going on a run as these activities help her free her mind and relieve the stress. As a teacher, she encourages all the students at Silver Creek to work hard, and they will be able to enjoy the fun later.

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