Joshua Bassett’s ‘Complicated’ Tour is a Massive Hit!

By Gabryela Reynoso

Mar. 14, 2023

Joshua Bassett in the crowd singing one of his first songs’: “Common Sense”
Photo Credits: Christina Huynh

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Joshua Bassett’s new tour, ‘Complicated,’ is going from Mar. 7, 2023 to May 9, 2023. Here are a few reasons why I think this one is his best yet!

Bassett’s first tour was from Sept. 9, 2023 to Oct. 11, 2023. Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts a few of his tour dates were canceled, including the one I had purchased for a venue in San Francisco. Nonetheless, when Bassett announced he would be having a second tour a few months later all of my friends sprung at the chance to get a ticket. 

With a total of five tour dates complete, I can confidently say that this tour is Bassett’s best one yet! Since the last tour, Bassett has added a new variety of new songs onto the setlist, strengthened his vocals, and overall has developed a better stage presence. In this tour, fans get to experience Bassett play songs from his albums such as “Different,” “Sad Songs In A Hotel Room” and so many more iconic singles. 

It’s also such an amazing experience to see Bassett’s twist on his songs live versus the recording. The songs he played live varied from his recorded versions because he brought a newfound energy to the song that wasn’t originally there. Bassett, as well, modified the melodies of a few of his singles to combine them into a playful harmony. Some of my favorite songs he sang were “Used to it,” “SHE SAID HE SAID SHE SAID” and “Common Sense.” It was such a fun experience to see Bassett turn one of my least favorite songs into one of my favorites with the change of melodies. 

Another aspect that made this concert such a success was the obvious love and care Bassett had for his fans. Since the venue was quite small and packed, a few fans in the front started to face difficulty breathing due to the lack of space. Bassett assessed this issue by stopping a song mid verse, giving the attendee water, and persuading the crowd to move back to give those in the front some more room. Bassett’s care towards his fans was especially apparent and made those there love him and his music even more. As well Bassett’s attempts to connect with his audience were evident and his little conversations between songs made his concert even more charming. One Silver Creek student who went to the concert says, “I had such a great time and it’s nice to see that Joshua loves and cares for his fans.” 

Joshua Bassett interacting with one of his fans
Photo Credits: Christina Huynh

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