Clayton Tran: The Fiery Multi-Talented Musician

SAN JOSE, CALIF.- Clayton Tran is a Silver Creek High School Junior who speaks on his devout journey into music, and being a key member of two bands, Kass and The Hares and The Platypack.

Clayton playing guitar at the x-quad
Credit: Alex Nguyen

Tran was born and raised in San Jose, California, to two immigrant parents from Vietnam. Tran loves all sorts of music, especially Alternative Rock and R&B. He loves photography and cooking! He says,¨ I like to stand around and take pictures of everything.¨

Although Tran is being persuaded to major in business after High School, he has bigger aspirations to go on tour!

Tran has been part of two bands in his high school career. Tran is the co-manager of the indie band, Kass & The Hares, and is the primary manager of the Rock, Alternative, and Indie band The Playpack. Along with his bandmates, Tran performs on guitar, bass, drums and sings. He is the person who communicates with other people to create showing events. He sends out emails and is the communicator to book events. 

Tran shows a lot of appreciation towards his bandmates. It’s clear that they are close knit and enjoy what they do. When it comes to being in two bands and managing school, he shows gratitude, and says,¨We help each other out¨

Tran and his bandmates have performed in many different places such as the Nirvana Soul coffee shop, school events such as Winterfest, during lunch in the X-quad, birthday parties, and different social events. 

Tran has been playing music since the age of 5 years old. He has played piano for 10 years now, and has been in opera training for 5 years now. In 2020, he has recently been learning how to play ukulele, guitar, and drums. Tran says,¨ My dad inspires me, he’s the one who taught me how to play guitar and drums, and forced me to play piano for 10 years.¨

Tran says, ¨I’m quite ambitious in my hobbies.¨ Many would describe him as flamboyant and goofy. His band mate Ellys says, ¨He is actually really funny, he will always make you laugh.¨ 

When asked, ¨If you could tell the readers anything, what would it be?¨ Tran responds with, ¨Do what you want, don’t live out your parents dream, live out your own dream.¨

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