Chloe Kim Takes The Field With Her Athletic and Outgoing Personality

Kim taking a selfie wearing formal attire
Photo Credit: Chloe Kim

By Katherine Doan

Mar. 14, 2023

SAN JOSE, CALIF. —  Chloe Kim is a very outgoing and active freshman at Silver Creek High School. She is active and bright, which makes everyone around her smile.

A fun fact about Kim is that she has a twin sister! Her twin’s name is Abigail Kim and it appears that most of their instructors were unaware of this until the twins informed them. The Kim twins are remarkably alike, both having outgoing personalities and a passion for competition. Chloe Kim claims that she competes with her sister primarily in order to outperform her in any extracurricular endeavors.

Kim participates in a variety of extracurricular events after school and encourages others to do the same. She participated in the fall girls’ golf season and is currently playing badminton. “I entered golf because I have been involved with it since I was a young child. I want to encourage girls to play golf because you can learn a new activity and have fun doing it!,” she exclaims. “I was initially drawn to badminton because of the sport’s physical preparation and practice requirements. I really got into the sport, and it’s a lot of fun to perform, too! I would strongly advise you to take up badminton. As you enjoy yourself with your companions, you get a total body workout.”

Her folks are her biggest sources of inspiration in life. “My folks have already experienced life and all of its challenges,” claims Kim. “I think they are incredible individuals in terms of character and mentality, so as I get older, I will undoubtedly want to follow their lead and emulate them.”

Kim frequently plays video games or sketches in her spare time, interests that are shared by many high school students. No matter if it’s online or not, she enjoys reading a lot. She reads a variety of materials, including manga, webcomics, novels, and e-books.

Chaboya Middle School was the previous school Kim had attended before entering Silver Creek High School. There, she made lots of acquaintances and stepped into several leadership positions. She held a number of leadership positions, including being vice president of Chaboya’s leadership group and head of the dance committee. “Having great communication, public speaking, and leadership skills are some things I’ve gained from my previous roles. They gave me the freedom to have exceptional people management, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities. It has given me more self-assurance and a focus on my goals, which will be helpful to me as I finish high school,” says Kim.

Kim is quite enthusiastic about what she will be able to do in the future. She is prepared to balance her academic and athletic pursuits for the time being.

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