The Sun loses a Piece of itself

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Scientists were baffled by the discovery of a massive solar flare located on the North pole of the sun. The event occurred Feb. 6, 2023.

A video of the event shows the piece of flowing magma splitting from the sun then circling into a polar vortex. Scientists believe the event to have manifested from the reversal of the sun’s magnetic field. 

NASA has sent out in a statement that the solar filaments left from the scene are left floating around the sun via its magnetic field, lasting hours to days. The reversal of the sun’s magnetic field happened due to the sun’s solar cycle.

It is suspected that the sun is nearing the end of its halfway point in its existence before it eventually combusts. Judging from the increased solar activity: radiation, material, greater sun spots, plus the increased solar flares. “How can a piece of the sun be broken if it’s a giant ball of gas?” asked freshman Han Nguyen of Silver Creek High School.

Solar flares make their presence on Earth present due to the Earth’s ionosphere being interrupted. The solar flares, upon its arrival, interrupt the Earths’ radio communications. Based on the flares’ uncommon massive size, it is believed the interruption would be higher in power. The solar flare also increases the drag on Earth’s satellites. 

Solar flares happen when magnetic sun fields near the sunspots are tangled causing the solar flare. Therefore causing the sudden heat spike in radiation in space. Sometimes the solar flares are accompanied by a coronal mass ejection: huge bubbles of radiation. Solar flares also happen when the magnetic energy builds up and releases.

From Earth, solar flares appear as flashes on the sun. Because of the sun’s brightness, to be able to see the solar flare it’s best to see it from a scientific tool. 

Massive solar flare happening in 2013. Source: Wikimedia Common

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