The Impact of the City Peace Project

SAN JOSE- CALIF- The City Peace Project empowers youth and shifts school culture by spreading love and peace throughout the East Side Union High School District.

City peace project passing out chips to students at Silver Creek High School
Credit: Mj

Danny Sanchez is an author, entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, pastor, youth violence prevention activist, Latino leadership advocate, chaplain for the city of San Jose, and much more. He is the founder of Post Traumatic Quest book and music, and the founder of the City Peace Project. 

The City Peace Project is a local nonprofit organization that mentors youth and empowers them with tools to help them thrive in school and in life. This includes coaching, mentoring, conflict resolution, providing food, and much more.

One junior from Silver Creek High School says, ” Pastor Danny calms emotions down. If you feel you need to fight someone, he calms you down. He also motivates people to eat.¨

She continued to say “He really does provide for the school and he spreads positivity. He keeps people out of fights. When I had a personal issue, I went to him and he set up a conference with my parents, and that really helped me.¨

Another junior from Silver Creek High School says, “The City Peace Project is very helpful for schools because they help promote peace and love around campus. I feel like honestly, since like last year, there was a lot of fights and everything, once they arrived, our school calmed down and became more peaceful.¨ 

Many can say that The City Peace Project is a comfort zone for youths and students today. Sanchez grew up in East Side San Jose and can relate to many of the struggles of  students from the East Side today. Whether it’s through food, council, advice, or positive affirmations, Danny Sanchez and his team continuously never fail to show love and kindness. One post on instagram, @thecitypeaceproject says, ¨Hey peacemaker, don’t waste another second holding back love and peace. The world needs your light! Love well! Share peace! Be a light! We promise you will not regret it!¨

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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