The Flash: Last Run

SAN JOSE CALIF. –Season nine of “The Flash”, a TV series on the CW was released on Feb. 8, 2023, making it the show’s final season and the longest-running TV series on the channel.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Cast of The Flash speaking at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con

After a decade of airing the series is finally ending and not because people weren’t watching it. In fact, season eight averaged one million views. The reason why the show is ending is simply that it was time to end. The last season was supposed to be season eight, but the cast was convinced to come back for one last season on the network and studio.

Season nine is bringing characters back and introducing new ones. Characters like the Pied Piper are back. The new characters include one everybody was excited about, “The Red Death” The origin of the Red Death in the comics was that when Earth 52 was on the verge of being destroyed. Batman asked Flash to give him his speed when he refused he went to take his speed. He was successful but ended up merging the two together resulting in The Red Death. Characters from the series have differed from the comics so fans will have to wait and see how the series portrays them.

Heroes such as Green Arrow who died in the crossover “Crisis On Infinite Earth” and Wally West is known as Kid Flash could be returning. Villains like Zoom, Reverse Flash, and Savitar will also be returning for the final season. 

The bar for season nine has been set high as fans have typically said that seasons 1-6 are better than later seasons. Also, popular characters like Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon have left the show. Silver Creek student Amy Chau stated that “Season nine of The Flash was not something I expected from them like they literally killed off most of the best characters. To be honest they can’t do the show without Caitlin and cisco. The earlier seasons like seasons one through six were the best”

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