Here Comes the Snow!

BY: Valerie Sandoval

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — On Feb. 26th, Snow started to fall closer toward us, in Southern California. This experience is very unusual and many wonder if this will continue or be a one-time experience.

As more snow falling began and so many were shocked, snow was falling here. For many people, this was the first time seeing snow in Southern California. I have seen snow many times before, but I usually have to travel very far from where I live. As long as it’s very cold, the snow may stay. It was a very shocking experience to see and play with snow here. Although it wasn’t much as other places, it was very fun.

Snow as you drive towards Santa Cruz
By: Valerie Sandoval

As you drive by, there are many families stopping to play and take pictures in the snow. This is a big advantage for many students, as they won’t have to drive five to six hours for snow. Many take advantage of this opportunity since it may be a while until we have this view again. 

As we continue on to the month of March, the snow has been continuing this past weekend, as the rain continues and the coldness. Up in the mountains, there are blankets of snow. I headed up with my family and saw more snow. I really recommend heading up to play, while there’s still enough to play. Now you know two different places, have lots of fun and be careful.

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