Celebrity Brands

By: Leila Radwan

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— When celebrities get to a certain level of stardom they’re allowed to branch out and start venturing out into the business world, more often than not they fail. Which is sort of a right of passage for celebrities.

There are different categories of celebrity brands: Beauty, clothing, lifestyle, and fitness. Basically anything that emphasizes that they live a cleaner, more luxurious life, then the rest of us commoners. 

Most female celebrities start their own makeup brand or clothing brand. Like Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez and Fenty by Rihanna and ofc Kylie Jenner’s lip kit empire. Recently they’ve been dipping into the pool of skincare when that got really popular in the beauty industry. Rihanna fenty skin paved the way for others like Pharell’s Humanrace and Jlo beauty. The best thing a celebrity can do is add beauty at the end of their name and make millions. 

I personally haven’t tried any of their skin care products, because I don’t feel like spending 50 bucks on a cleanser. So I’m not one to say what’s worth the hype and what’s not. It feels a bit off that when a famous person’s name isn’t in the tabloids as much they create some sort of beauty line. 

When a Celebrity  takes what makes them connect to their fans and turns it into something the public can buy, then I can appreciate that. For example, Chamberlain Coffee. Emma Chamberlain has always been known as a coffee lover even in her early youtube videos, so creating a coffee brand was one of the smartest things she could have done. And Kyle Jenner took her famous lips clout and made them into a multi-million dollar company. 

Other times they just don’t make sense, it just seems like another way to make money. Like Mark Walbergs burger joint chain, Walburgers. They actually have some really good burgers, but Mark Walberg and a fast food restaurant are a strange pair. Another odd and short lived business venture was Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. It’s always interesting to see what new business ventures famous people can come up with.

One thing that always confuses me is why they’re products are so expensive. Rich people making products for more rich people, when a lot of their fan base who would buy these products cant even afford them. It’s like they are solidifying their rich and famous title by putting their name on average products but marking them with “luxray” prices. 

Some brands like Shay mitchelles luggage brand, Beis Travel, is actually worth the price and is useful, who doesn’t want a matching travel set. She makes good quality items that people will actually use. Or Pleased by harry styles, I may be a bit biased but GENIUS!

Even though some brands make absolutely no sense it’s a nice, but expensive, way for these celebrities to connect with their fans by giving them something tangible to use or wear made by their favorite artist. 

Makeup Displayed on a table
Photo by Anderson Guerra on Pexels.com

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