Becoming Parents for a Week

By Nancy Huynh and Dana Guevara

SAN JOSE, CALIF. —- Due to jealousy, Nancy Huynh and Dana Guevara decided to copy the Silver Creek High School students’ sociology project.

DAY #1

Today is our first official day of becoming parents of our child, Malibu-Barbie. We brought her to school, dressed up in some clothes and decided to split up the day for co-parenting. 

Dana: I brought Malibu-Barbie home and the second I got home, my dog thought it was his toy… But, she’s fine! Malibu-Barbie is safe and sound! 

Dana’s BeReal
Photo Credit: Dana Guevara

DAY #2

Dana: Sooo, this morning I almost left Malibu-Barbie at home… and then later on in the car. My dog even tried poking her a few times, but you know what, people make mistakes. And from the wise words of Hannah Montana, “Nobody’s perfect.”

Nancy: This morning, I started off with my usual routine without Malibu-Barbie in mind. When I arrived at school and saw Guevara with our baby, I was in complete shock and forgot I had a baby and was a parent. In my Forensics class, we had to go outside to do an experiment, so I left my baby in the class thinking Malibu-Barbie would be safe since no one would be in the classroom. I came back to class, sat at my desk and twenty minutes later I realized Malibu-Barbie was missing. I was scared for my life and thought someone stole my baby and it was only the second day. I searched my surroundings until I hear Mrs. Mauro announce, “I kidnapped your baby.” Almost in tears, I was at a loss for words until she revealed she hid my baby in her shelf and gave it back to me. Mrs. Mauro said, “It took you twenty minutes to realize your baby was missing, wow!” to which I replied back and said, “It was an accident.” At that moment I realized, I am not a good parent and can’t trust anyone.

Day #3

Nancy: Before school, I was busy studying and focusing on my vocabulary test that I completely forgot to bring Malibu-Barbie with me to school.

Dana: I was truly flabbergasted when I saw Huynh this morning; Malibu-Barbie was NOT in her hands. Being a concerned mother, I wondered where she was. But, you know what people make mistakes. 

Day #4

Today we got asked by many people about our baby, like what it is like to take a Sociology class, and what the baby project is about. Throughout the day, many students and teachers criticized and complimented us. For example, Ms. Newray critiqued how we laid our baby down on the desk, while Mrs. Seal complimented, “You guys are good parents.”

Day #5

Dana: So…I may have forgotten Malibu-Barbie at home today. I had FOUR tests today and she totally slipped my mind. But it was a cold day, anyway, so it was not good for her to be outside. She could’ve gotten sick. 😦

Malibu-Barbie stayed home
Photo Credit: Dana Guevara

Day #6

Nothing happened but she’s still alive. 🙂

Finally, we have friends who actually took the Sociology class and did the baby project who will decide to grade us and give their reasonings as to why.

Jarrell’s grade: UHM HONESTLY F

  • The amount of times y’all left this baby home unattended or in class unintended AND ATTACKED BY A DOG ON THE FIRST DAY. She would’ve been dead day one. Out of the days, you took her to school 4/6 days. Y’all also left her in class unattended and on the table laying down, poor baby’s back. If I wanted to be kind it could actually be like a D for the fact that it didn’t die, but for sure abused.

Vyvy’s grade: C-

  • It was clear that Nancy and Dana love their baby, but it is questionable how parents who love their baby so much can forget their baby multiple times and leave her unattended. Regardless, Nancy and Dana care about Malibu-Barbie a lot and learned from their mistakes, keeping Malibu-Barbie in sight at all times and handling her gently. They introduced her to different activities and many people, so they did a good job of socializing her.

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