FDA Suggests Annual Covid-19 Shot for U.S Citizens

By: Toby Bon

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— A yearly Covid-19 shot is being suggested by the FDA on Jan. 23, 2023 to speed up convenience, however many U.S citizens will be affected by the upcoming change.

The reason for the FDA suggesting annual Covid-19 shots and even having a plan for how the future change can go is because of how Covid-19 is changing. Just like the flu and any other virus, Covid-19 will experience mutations that could lead to new variants. Effects of annual Covid-19 shots will have the same effect as how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend the annual flu shot to reduce the severity of illnesses from it. 

This change will be significant because instead of people just getting the Covid-19 vaccine at least once with intervals of taking booster shots, they can just take one yearly. Changes can have benefits and drawbacks based on people that have knowledge in diseases or viruses. Benefits for doctors and patients is that having an annual Covid-19 vaccine will be convenient for keeping track of doses while still being able to remind patients to get their yearly shot. 

On the other side, scientists that know how Covid-19 is, think that even if it is convenient, it doesn’t make up for the drawbacks. Scientists that have been keeping record of Covid-19, know that the virus doesn’t follow a set pattern. Using the same strategy as the flu with Covid-19 won’t have the same effect since the flu has a usual spike in cases when it appears seasonally, when Covid-19 is yearly and just appears when there are people gathering in big groups.

A person gets their Covid-19 vaccine shot.

Photo Credit: Steven Cornfield on Unsplash

Freshman student, Richard Do, talked about what he would feel if the FDA added yearly Covid-19 shots in the United States. “I think it is very helpful to citizens that are vulnerable to Covid.” said Do.

As with any major change, there can be good things and bad things for the receiving end of the solution. In this case, the annual Covid-19 shot could turn out to be disastrous or beneficial for patients and doctors. 

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