The Downfall Of Marvel Legends

Iron Man and Hulk in action figure form. Photo Credit: Unsplash

By Raymond Hong

February 7, 2023

SAN JOSE CALIF.-The toy series Marvel Legends made by Hasbro has been going downhill. Things like price, packaging and others have made this company lose loyal customers.

Though models of characters have been reused for a while now, it has increased by a landslide. Popular figures such as Spider-Man have multiple different variations. Yet every time they decide to recreate a spider-man from the multiverse they reuse a model from a past spider-man. This gets old, as buying the same model but with a different color gives it no originality.

Since Hasbro is using the same character molds, the price should be decreased right? That is not the case. In fact, figures have gotten even more expensive. This has caused collectors to refrain from buying more because there are other companies that produce better quality figures for a better price. Silver Creek student Brian Hoang said “reusing molds is lazy but what else can they do… It also depends on the character”

Recently, the packaging for Marvel Legends has changed. It used to have clear plastic in the front. Now, they have completely removed the plastic and replaced it with a box. This is a problem for the people who collect in-box (keeping the toy on display in the box). The windowed packaging made it so that in-box collectors could show the figure in the box. Without windowed packaging in-box collectors can’t do that anymore.

People used to buy Marvel Legends and it would come with multiple accessories including things like head molds, and hands. Now one figure would cost so much more but with barely any items. Hasbro used to include vehicles with certain figures for a small fee. But now even a small vehicle would cause a major increase in the price.

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