Lookism gets an anime adaptation

Photo of the popular comic website Webtoons. Photo Credit: Sharaf Maksumov

By Harold Nguyen

February 16, 2023

SAN JOSE, CALIF- The popular webtoon series “Lookism” gets an anime adaptation on Netflix. The well known webtoons series Lookism started on Nov 20, 2014 and is still ongoing with chapters being released weekly. The anime adaptation was previously set to be released on Nov 22, 2022, but was delayed until Dec 8, 2022.

A part of the series is about Daniel Park and how he navigates his new life through the eyes and body of an attractive person via his second body. Throughout the series he learns about how differently people treat him based on how he looks. 

Another part of the series is about how Park goes to uncover secrets of his second body by destroying the main four crews of the series. The crews were originally used to help make Charles Choi, a main antagonist of the series, rich and famous. Due to Choi needing to destroy the crews he promises to tell Park the secret behind his body if Park was able to get rid of the gangs.

Jessie Dang, a Sophomore at Silver Creek High School stated, “I like lookism because it’s like highschoolers being all buffy and beating people. Very nice” Another student by the name of Casey tran who is a freshman says, “The world of lookism is extremely unfair and nickel reflects how our social status as well as how we’re treated depends a lot on how we look”

All in all, lookism is a solid read if you’re looking for something to read that has lots of drama, and realism that reflects real life. Lookism is a good comic to start on. With the release of the anime adaptation of the webtoon. The series popularity gradually increased as the show got the recognition of many anime fans.

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