Silver Creek High School presents the City of Stars: Senior Prom 2023

A magical night by the beach celebrating prom!
Credit: www.pexels.com

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Silver Creek High School’s senior prom is underway, as ticket and location information has just been released on February 2, 2023. 

The theme is set to be “The City of Stars,” relating to the term describing Los Angeles. It is also related to the popular song “City of Stars” from the hit movie “La La Land.” Ticket sales have just been released, as tickets are set to go on sale starting March 1, all the way until March 23. 

The flyer from the schsco2023 Instagram
Credit: www.instagram.com

Tickets start at $130 on March 1-3 and then increase to $135 on March 7- 9. The next increase will be on March 14-16, going for $140, and the final increase will be a total of $150 on March 21-23. All prices are $5 off if you purchased an ASB card. All tickets are to be purchased at the school bank after school.

Along with a ticket, seniors must fill out permission slips in order to attend the prom, which is being handed out in all senior American Government, Economics, and English classes. When purchasing a ticket, a student ID must be presented as well.

Additionally, the location was revealed with the announcement of ticket sales, as the prom will take place at Cocoanut Grove located at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. With the dance, an unlimited private arcade, free laser tag, dinner and dessert and transportation will be provided to all seniors attending. 

Many students from SCHS are excited about prom, anticipating the magical night that is set ahead for the seniors. One senior comments, “I’m excited to go dress shopping, and the aesthetic of prom being in an arcade is so fun! The photos with the laser tag guns will look so good.” 

Many have the same opinion, excited about the laser tag and arcade features, but many also have objections to the special night. “There are so many restrictions. I feel like some of the rules are over-exaggerated, for example, no perfume (this is not confirmed).” Another comment, “I’m excited but it’s so expensive. It only happens once though, so I want to experience it.” There are a lot of objections about the prices.

While some seniors like the venue, as it will be by the beach, others aren’t so happy about it. “I hate how it’s in the same place where graduated seniors have already had theirs. Prom is supposed to be special and they should have chosen a different location. San Francisco for example has a lot of nice venues!” 

Prom is set to take place on April 29, 2023.

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