Cross Country Runner, Mary Howard, leads Silver Creek High School Girls Division in CCS

By: Toby Bon

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— On Sat. Nov. 12, 2022, cross country runner, senior student and athlete Mary Howard, was the Division 1 leader for Silver Creek High School in the female division.

When she was younger she would take part in gymnastics, saying she prefers the tumbling aspect of the sport since it was what she was decent at. Even with school getting busier, Howard still found time to practice and teach herself how to do certain movements like handsprings and the splits. Outside of school, Howard loves to read, crotchet, and travel.

Howard taking a picture after her race.

Photo Credit: Mary Howard

Participating for six years in cross country, Howard first started cross country in seventh grade back in middle school. Howard has participated in cross country CCS every year in high school except for when the Covid-19 pandemic started in her sophomore year. Howard stated that she didn’t feel as accomplished until her senior race because she finally felt strong and happy knowing that she made great accomplishments throughout her past years. Senior year was also the first season Howard qualified for states, saying it was an amazing way to finish off her high school career as a cross country runner.

Howard also participates in track and field since seventh grade and has also made CCS for the sport. When asked about the new weight lifting schedule the coaches implemented, Howard’s feelings toward it are beneficial. Howard realized that her upper body strength was affecting her overall performance in running, which meant that the new weight lifting schedule would improve Howard as an athlete. In cross country, Howard said the best part of participating is that she can improve her running ability while making friends. She also likes that she is aware of the benefits for her health and being connected with her friends.

Balancing schoolwork and running can also be hard for students taking part in many activities. Howard had to learn to balance school and sports during her years of sports. She has stated that the hardest year was her junior year, so once she reflects on how hard it was before, she can keep her activities in check. Her favorite class at Silver Creek is calculus because she has learned so much and worked so hard with an amazing teacher who is kind and brilliant. Howard also takes Calculus tutoring as much as she can, and at school she found out about math club through fellow friends. Howard also felt cheerful when her sister started high school two years ago and had fun with her sister by her side. Howard commented that she will miss her sister when she goes to college and away from home.

In college, Howard plans to get a double major in linguistics and biology, then continue her postgraduate studies in medicine. Although she is still unsure since her schools haven’t given a conclusion to her yet, she will still be happy with whatever the outcome is. Howard was given opportunities by receiving offers for cross country, which gave her new ideas. She has still not decided because doing sports takes a lot of time when you have big aspirations for your dream future in medicine, but will try to fulfill both of her goals. Becoming a physician when she grows up is what Howard is thinking of working to, however she is still figuring out what to specialize in.

“When I face a challenge, my motivation to keep going is to make my loved ones proud of me. Even though their support is unconditional, I always try to be the best version of myself, not just so they will be proud, but also so I can be proud of myself.” Howard stated. 

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