Why you should join the Silver Creek Stunt team!

By Gabryela Reynoso

Feb. 07, 2023

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — As the 2023 Stunt season approaches, Silver Creek High School students are signing up to take part in the fun. Here’s why you should consider it too!

Although many aren’t familiar with the sport called Stunt, it’s presence has been around for quite some time now. The sport is best described as a mixture of sideline cheer and competitive cheer, however, with a few different rules. The sport consists of jumps, tumbling, pyramids and most importantly, stunting! In a match, schools compete by performing shared routines to see which school completed the routine on count and made the least mistakes. As the assistant coach on Silver Creek’s team best puts it, “In Stunt, you are, in a sense, competing against yourself because the other team can’t affect your performance.” 

Stunt is a great sport especially when it comes to forming healthy workout habits! Since Stunt consists of so many aspects, it’s truly a full body sport and a great way to stay active. Coaches Mario, Ojae, and Alyssa like to prepare the Stunt athletes for matches by familiarizing them with the routines, practicing said routines repeatedly and saving time for conditioning at the end. Not only is Stunt a great sport to have fun and stay active but also an amazing environment for making friends! Since the athletes must work together while stunting, it creates a strong bond between them, because every member must do their part for the group to succeed. If you’re looking for a sport that’s fun and builds a community, come give Stunt a chance!

Another plus about Stunt, is the fact that it’s so unknown to most people. Although some may think this is a bad thing, it can prove to be worthwhile for Stunt athletes who want to continue Stunt in college. Lots of colleges have begun to offer Stunt scholarships to athletes in order to gain more traction for the sport. Overall, Stunt is a great sport to consider trying and virtually has no cons! According to Silver Creek Stunt athlete, Meara Ilusorio, “Stunt is definitely not an easy sport but I love it because of how fun it is and the friendships I’ve made.” 

A photo taken of Silver Creek’s Stunt team after a match in 2022. 
Photo Credits: Alyssa De La Rosa

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