Fate Strange Fake, what to be expected, and is it worth watching?

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Fate Strange Fake is a special spin-off from the popular Fate Franchise, The spin-off was originally planned to be released on Dec. 31, 2022, but got delayed until an unknown date in the summer.

What is Fate?

Fate is a popular fiction franchise that was developed by Type-Moon. The franchise consists of many unique creations, from games to visual novels and movies, and Tv-series. The fate series often involved something called the Holy Grail War, which involved Heroic spirits and mages or also known as masters, and the Heroics spirits are also often preferring to as servants. The war often involves seven servants and seven masters, and the winning servant and master would get their wish granted by the Holy Grail. 

This popular series has also produced amazing anime that has changed the anime animation industry, such as Fate/ Stay Night Unlimited Blade Work, Or Fate/ Zero. 

Fate Stay night Unlimited Blade Works Logo
Source: Wikimedia

What To Expect?

There are things to be expected from this special spin-off, as the light novel was made by a popular author Narita, Ryohgo, who is known for some of his amazing works, such as Baccano, Or Durarara. Animation is also something you should look out for, it got adapted by studio A-1 Pictures, which has released some amazing anime recently such as Kaguya sama ultra-romantic, Lycoris Recoil, 86. Music and Ost (original soundtrack) are also something to look forward to. The main theme was handled by Hiroyuki Sawano, who is known for amazing soundtracks for a lot of popular anime, such as Attack on titan, or Seven Deadly Sins.


The anime seems very promising and contains a lot of potentials. It is also being produced by one of the most popular Studio, not only that it is also one of the biggest adaptation Loyal Fate fan has been waiting for because of Ryohgo’s amazing writing from the light novel. So it is definitely something that you should look out for during the summer season.

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