The Rap Industry’s Most Toxic Couple got Married

Feb 7, 2023

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Near the end of January, Blueface and Chrisean Rock reportedly got married, even after several physical altercations over the past couple of years. 

For some context Rock first met Blueface who is a rapper when she was on his show “Blueface Girls Club”,  which was located in his house where all the cast members stayed. One of the cast members is Blueface’s baby momma, Jaidyn Alexis, who got in a fight with Rock during her time on the show and as a result, Rock’s tooth was knocked out. Even though Blueface and Alexis were together during the time of the show, Rock and Blueface were weirdly close, even though both know that he was in a relationship. Even after the show the two grew insanely close, and Blueface even signed Rock on a record label, but they weren’t officially together.

A year later, Rock began to live with Blueface, but it ended quickly after getting into an argument with Blueface‘s manager Wack 100 with him saying that Rock had a bad attitude. After the two had stopped living together, reports were being made that Blueface was talking to Coi Leray and got his baby mama pregnant again. Not long after the headlines, Rock was held in jail for breaking into Blueface’s house, stealing his car, and writing “ I love you Blue” with her blood on the wall. 

The strangest thing to me is that Rock still wanted him even after he was seen messing with other women. Not only that but they weren’t even officially dating. Blueface took to his Instagram Live to say that even if he did say that he loved her, she has no right to break into his house and steal his car. After Rock was released from jail the two were seen again, but this time it wasn’t them fighting; instead, it was Rock fighting Blueface’s mom and sister. This was the time when people believed that the two were officially dating because after the fight the two were oddly close. 

Chrisean getting married in a music video.
Photo courtesy:Jenny Le

In my opinion, this period was when Rock was down bad, since she got a tattoo of Blueface’s real name and face tattooed on visible places of her body: one being a large tattoo of his face on her neck. I should also mention that months later, Blueface broke up with her to get her tooth fixed because she was acting “full of herself.” This resulted in Rock pulling an implanted tooth out on her Instagram story and Blueface getting back together with her.

But here’s the twist: she got her tooth put back in but this time it was a picture of Blueface on the tooth. Things seemed to be going great until the paparazzi recorded a video of Rock and Blueface having a fistfight in the middle of the sidewalk because of a rumor that Rock was talking to other guys. After the fight, Blueface posted a video of him belittling, Rock who was clearly upset.

Currently, in 2023, the two have supposedly gotten married in a music video called “Dear Rock”, I can’t imagine how long this will last but I know this will for sure be problematic. The two should go their separate ways because they are not suitable for each other, Rock deserves someone who will treat her better and Blueface needs to figure out what he wants. “Chrisean was honestly better off without him in the beginning. He clearly doesn’t care for her well being” said Queenie Nguyen, a junior at Silver Creek.

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