Last game for the seniors of the varsity soccer team

By Jasmina Lara on Feb.7, 2023

Girl’s soccer team posing for their Senior Night win 
Photo Credit: Sophia Romo

SAN JOSE, CALIF. –  The Silver Creeks girl’s soccer team celebrated the 2023 seniors’ last season as a part of the team on Feb. 9 with friends, family and teammates. 

The Lady Raiders played against Mount Pleasant High School for their last game of the season. This was also the seniors’ last high school soccer game. The ceremony for the seniors started at 6 :30 p.m. where friends and family made posters and brought gifts for Senior Night. Also, many teammates made posters for their seniors of choice. 

During the ceremony, the seniors were announced with a special speech of their future plans and favorite memories with the team. The senior would then run down a human tunnel made by the underclassmen while there is cheering and a walkout song playing. At the end they are greeted by their family and friends to take a quick picture and celebrate.

When asked about how was planning senior night Almendra Galvez a junior on varsity explained “ It was stressful trying to get everything together and making sure no one forgot what they were supposed to do but it was fun at the same time because it brought the team together trying to make senior night a special and memorable day for all Seniors!” 

A big congratulations to the Lady Raiders for the 5-1 win over Mount Pleasant on Senior Night. Goals made by Bailey Moseley, Makalya Day, Bianca Ahumada, and Talia Niebles. The game ended with the Lady Raiders finding out they qualified for Central Coast Section (CCS) meaning their season isn’t over just yet. 

The girl’s varsity soccer team had an amazing season where they won a tournament in their preseason and had a record of 6 wins, 2 ties and 2 loses. Many memories were created this season for the seniors particularly during practices where they joked around with one another and made speeches to pump up the team and each other before games. 

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