What Inspired Kylie Jenner’s Lion Dress?

By: Leila Radwan

SAN JOSE, CALIF–Fashion week is back, which means new looks are back on the runway. One particular brand left everyone talking. 

Schiaparelli’s 2023 spring/summer line consists of dramatic waistlines, huge coats, and an exciting turn of events taxidermy. 

PC: Adobe stock
models walking the runway

Daniel Roseberry, the designer of the latest Maison Schiaparelli collection, took inspiration from a 14th-century poet, Dante Alighieri’s masterwork: “Divine Comedy”. And how it connects to doubt, precisely “ the doubt of creation and the doubt of intent.” Roseberry talks about how doubt is a part of an artist’s creative process and connects his experiences creating this line to “Divine Comedy.” 

While creating this line, he wanted to step away from his comfort zone to explore a new creative process and go into the “dark wood” ( a reference to Divine Comedy). I loved how he took a piece of literature and turned it into fashion; it shows how art is art, no matter how you express it. All kinds of art forms can be transformed into new arrangements with the right creative mind. Literature and fashion are my two favorite kinds of art, so this collection fascinated me. 

Of course, the public will always have negative things to say, this line especially left many people talking. Kylie Jenner’s lion headdress to the show was a big conversation starter, with many people chiming in to give their opinion. Some hated it, and some saw the beauty in it. I am still torn. 

The hyper-realistic taxidermy accessories were not an accident; they each represent something different that connects back to Dante Alighieri. The leopard, lion, and she-wolf, as he calls it, represent lust, pride, and avarice. So with this collection being inspired by divine comedy, it seems fitting to pay tribute to the poet by creating such intricate pieces. 

When I first saw the dress, I was taken aback, but after learning more about the inspiration, I appreciated it more. Roseberry wanted to leave people questioning whether the animals were real. He wanted to “blur the lines between the real and the unreal.” Putting a new twist on surrealism. 

The best part about the fashion world is that with each new collection, there’s a whole story behind each look. Finding out what inspired these designers is my favorite part of fashion week. 

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