A Club President Taking Silver Creek Into the Future

SAN JOSE, CA – At this point, several people have probably told you that computer science is the future and artificial intelligence will reshape our world. But as the pioneers of the future, the students of Silver Creek need a leader to introduce this unfamiliar world to them. That leader is computer science Club President, Aniketh Malyala.

Growing up, Malyala was never interested in computer science. After taking his first college level computer science course in Evergreen Valley College, he still couldn’t understand the objective for doing “endless problems with no practical meaning.” However, when Malyala opened his eyes into the applications of computer science, he instantly found a connection with the field. He was awed at how healthcare, business, engineering and many other fields are all fueled by computer science. His passion for computer science then bloomed into a hope to contribute to the changing world we live in.

To actualize this passion, Malyala and a couple of friends started the Computer Science club in 2020 after realizing that schools offered no opportunities for coding outside of coursework. With a mission statement that prioritized learning, the club received an overwhelming number of signups. 

The CS Club Officer Team, 2022-23

Despite the challenge of virtual learning, Malyala and his team persisted. The Computer Science Club prioritized the basics of computer science in the popular languages, Python and Java. More advanced students were taught more sophisticated coding skills for the USACO contest, one of the most prestigious STEM competitions nationwide. Furthermore, highly talented members could apply to become mentors of the club. Mentors were encouraged to teach youth at local libraries and elementary schools. Proud of his work, Malyala says, “We are a tight-knit community and everyone in the club works closely together to learn computer science. We pride ourselves in our variety of programmers, with interests ranging from web development to machine learning to data science.”

Now a senior, Malyala believes that the Computer Science club will continue to transform even after he leaves Silver Creek. He hopes the club will expand its lessons to include machine learning and artificial intelligence. As for his plans, Malyala hopes to pursue a Master’s in computer science. He is most excited about the prospect of the machine learning field developing, and he hopes to be a part of it one day. 

Upon being asked about what he believes is the best aspect of the Computer Science club, Malyala says, “There is always something to learn, and someone to learn it from.”

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