Beyonce breaks her four year concert hiatus with a private performance in Dubai

Beyonce on stage at a concert. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

By Thu Nguyen 

Date January 23, 2023

SAN JOSE, CALIF.–Beyonce performed for the first time in four years at a luxury resort opening in Dubai on Saturday, Jan. 21.

Beyonce’s 60-minute performance set the stage for Atlantis the Royal’s launch of their new resort in Dubai. Devised by top architects and designers, the space intends to challenge the boundaries of extravagance. 

The grandeur setting is fitting for the return of the Queen’s entrance to the performance industry once again. With her latest full performance dating to before the pandemic, many fans anticipated her return to be highly climatic. The American singer proved the prediction by bringing on an exclusive invite-only show. The crowd consisted of many American A-listers, such as Kendall Jenner, ChloexHalle Bailey, Liam Payne, and many more. The event was intended to be intimately viewed by the attendees only, with a strict ban on cell phones and recording devices. However, these rules ended up being dismissed by fans, as many photographs of the secret show ended up on numerous social platforms the day after. 

The Queen B presented a playlist that included 19 songs, with a duet with her oldest daughter, Blue Ivy. The mother-and-daughter duo gracefully accomplished a reproduction of “Brown Skin Girl”, a track from Beyonce’s album for the 2019 Disney remake of “The Lion King”. The full set of songs played by the icon can be found on the website of the host, Atlantis the Royal
Altogether, the private session consisted of three dazzling outfit changes for the singer. The first look incorporates a floor-length bustier gown that is in shining yellow. It is matched with a feathered train that blossoms in the background. The intricate and bold look is credited to belong to Rayan Al Sulaimani, a Dubai-based designer known for their intriguing evening wear. Silver Creek High School senior, Malika Singh, weighs in on her opinion, “This one is my favorite!”

Beyonce performing on stage in Dubai, posted by @voguearabia on Instagram. Photo Credit: Thu Nguyen

About a third way through, the Queen B enthralled the stage with her second garb; a red sequined jumpsuit that is complemented with a matching train and gloves. The attire is completed with a sun-shaped crown.

Beyonce wearing a red gown at her concert in Dubai, posted by @rokaelbeauty on Instagram. Photo credit: Thu Nguyen

Her final ensemble is the most talked about, as the story behind it relates to prevalent politics. It was created by Ukrainian designer Ivan Frolov, who works and resides in the capital of his country. The garment was created in a workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine amid the war and continuous blackouts. Beyonce’s last appearance is made in a silvery sheer rose minidress, with an added bonus of leggings and gloves.

Beyonce in a rose pink minidress performing on stage at her concert in Dubai, posted by @rokaelbeauty on Instagram. Photo credit: Thu Nguyen

The private concert brought on mixed feelings from fans. Backlash over the location of the event has come from many, as Dubai is widely known for its conservative view on homosexuality. Other members of the Beyhives have claimed that it is no issue at all. Beyonce was paid very handsomely for her role in the opening, allegedly pocketing $24 Million.

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