Sophia Romo: Transitioning from soccer team captain to playing in college

Jan. 22, 2023

Young Romo playing soccer.
Photo Credit: Sophia Romo 

SAN JOSE CALIF. – Sophia Romo is a senior at Silver Creek High School, who is varsity team captain for the girls soccer team. In college she plan to play soccer for Marian University in Wisconsin. 

Romo has been playing soccer since she was in the third grade. Romo says the qualities for a team captain is being a leader and being able to motivate the team regardless of the situation. You need to be supportive and have a really good patience to help lead your team to “Ultimately get that W”. When asked how she balances soccer with school she explained “ I get home a little early so I tried to squeeze in as much homework as I can in the between getting home and practice. Then after that is study time for quizzes I have.” 

Motivation for Romo is to impress her family since she is a first generation college student who is going to go play a sport in college. As well as why to impress her family as her motivation is wanting to succeed and do better. Romo is planning to major in Forensics with a minor in Criminal Justice. The reasoning was she took Forensics her junior year and she really enjoyed the class because she had no problem with studying or doing the work. Romo dreams of being a CSI agent where she would investigate the crime scenes. 

A person that inspires Romo is her dad because he pushes her to do her best and try her hardest on everything. He also has coached her since she was 8- years-old. Romo’s goal for this year is to keep herself motivated to play college ball because it’s going to take a lot of commitment to keep training everyday, as well as make as much money she can before she leaves because it’s always good to have savings. 

A way to destress is after a game she would think about what happened in the game or watch videos to see what she can do to calm down more in a game. What helps her to relax outside of soccer is stretching , doing yoga and reset practices where she’ll do basic movements. 

In Romo’s free time she usually watches Netflix or Disney+ but other times she trains with her dad in the backyard but due to school soccer it’s been taking up most of her free time. When asked about a go to movie to watch she stated “Cars, Lightning Mcqueen. I’ve been watching Cars on repeat. I’m not going to lie from Disney+. I really like that movie, I feel like the way the main character is portrayed when he gets humbled is really good.” 

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