Kiana Hernandez: a busy freshman tri-athlete

Hernandez smiling for a mirror picture. Photo credits: Kiana Hernandez

By Audrey Huynh

Jan. 23, 2023

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Kiana Hernandez lives a busy life as a freshman at Silver Creek High School while balancing volleyball, basketball and swimming. 

Hernandez’s first year of high school began with a bang, trying out for the volleyball team and receiving a spot on Junior Varsity. Following the end of the fall sports season at Silver Creek, she immediately seized a spot on the Junior Varsity Girls’ basketball team. With the upcoming spring sports season, Hernandez expresses a desire to join the swim team as well.

Hernandez has been active since a young age, receiving lessons and engaging in sports clubs as extracurricular activities. She has been dancing since the mere age of three and joined a competitive dance team in 2018. Hernandez also has been training and playing volleyball for seven years, since elementary school. From third to sixth grade, Hernandez participated and played in a local volleyball team, where she was captain for all three years. As a child, she also did swimming lessons in the summer, which helped her build and strengthen the foundations of swimming.

Although Hernandez juggles several different sports throughout the school year, she does not participate in any conditioning. The sports at Silver Creek offer optional conditioning before the start of each season, however, Hernandez doesn’t have the chance to participate due to her involvement in a sport in the previous season. Instead, she regularly makes trips to a local gym to train and condition herself. That way, she receives year-round conditioning outside of school.

If given the opportunity, Hernandez would like to attend college on a scholarship for any of her sports. However, she does not wish to pursue a professional athletic career past college. Instead, she has expressed an interest to study in the medical field because of her love of aiding and helping people feel better. Hernandez already has a plan in mind for what she wants to study specifically and become.  “If I can’t be a vet, I’ll be a physician’s assistant, and if I don’t get it, I’ll be a nurse,” Hernandez laughs, recounting her elaborate and well-thought-out plans for her future.

In her spare time, Hernandez enjoys watching and keeping up with several sports such as football, basketball and volleyball. On occasion, she attends games to support her teams. Outside of sports, she likes to walk her two dogs: a german shepherd and a maltipoo. They are actively participating in a protection dog training program, where canines can learn to protect their owners in any situation. Shopping in general is also one of Hernandez’s hobbies. She likes to purchase anything, from souvenirs and collectibles to clothes and necessities. 

Hernandez posing for a mirror picture. Photo credits: Kiana Hernandez

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  1. Congratulations Kiana. Keep up the good works as the limit for achieving something is up to you. Aim high but according to your ability. God bless and good luck.


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