Silver Creek High School’s Electives Fair

By: Nancy Huynh

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — On Jan.25, Silver Creek High School hosted an Electives Fair during lunch, showcasing the many different electives SCHS has to offer.

  1. Journalism
Group of students from Journalism

2. AP English Language & Composition

Two AP students and a teacher

3. World Language

Student asking question

4. Dance

Presentation Board of Dance

5. Leadership

Two students from Leadership

6. Drama & Tech Theatre

Drama and Tech Theatre teacher

7. Math & Computer Science

Students discussing math and computer science

8. Sociology & Social Problems

A student handing out a flyer

9. Speech & Debate

A student learning about speech and debate

10. Arts: Crafts, Drawing & Painting,

A student looking at art

11. AP Human Geography

Teacher holding flyers

12. Music

A student playing guitar

13. Physiology

Visual Presentation of Physiology

14. Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Pathway

Showcase of Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Pathway

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