San Francisco 49ers beat Dallas Cowboys!

By Gabryela Reynoso

Jan. 24, 2023

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — The San Francisco 49ers beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sun, Jan. 22 during an epic showdown at the Levi’s Stadium. 

As of Sunday night the 49ers have officially made it to the NFC Championship! This means that if they win their next game they’ll officially make it to the Super Bowl! The Niners successfully won their last game with a score of 12 to 19, beating the Cowboys and moving on to facing the Eagles on Jan, 29. For those that are barely tuning in, this article will discuss all the craziness that went down during the Cowboys vs 49er game that brought the Niners to where they are now. 

As many may know, the current quarterback Brock Purdy continues to be the “Rookie of the Year” for the 49ers. After the injury of Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo, Purdy was thrown in as a third option. Although many didn’t expect much from the inexperienced rookie, Purdy has definitely proven himself to be a valuable member. On Sunday’s game, out of his 29 pass attempts, Purdy completed a total of 19 for 214 yards and zero interceptions!

As for the actual scoring on Sunday’s game, we have Christian McCaffrey and Robbie Gould to thank. Gould, kicker for the 49ers, successfully scored all four of the field goals he kicked and secured a total of 13 points for the Niners! McCaffrey as well, scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter that gained the Niners another 6 points. A special shout out also goes to George Kittle who had five receptions, gained 95 yards and averaged 19 yards per catch, not to mention the amazing catch made by Kittle that had fans jumping out of their seats. His response when asked about the catch was, “I was just trying to be a little dramatic, get the ratings up. That’s all we’re here for.”

As the stakes have gotten higher for the Niners more guests have begun to show up to the games to offer support. At this last game, former 49er star, Jerry Rice, made an appearance as well as famous rapper, Saweetie. Along with making it to the NFC Championship, this win was especially exciting for the Niners because it was their 12th straight win making it the longest winning streak they’ve had since 1984! Harleen Mand, a Silver Creek student and big Niner fan, has this to say about their latest win, “The game was really good, it got tense in between but we came through in the end.”

San Francisco 49ers on the field and suited up for a game. 
Photo Credits: Flickr

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