Austin Butler’s New Voice: are we sick of it or here for it?

By: Dana Guevara

Austin Butler at the Elvis premiere in 2022.
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Ever since Butler started filming “Elvis” in 2020 in Australia, he has had a different side of himself appear and it hasn’t left this side ever since. 

Many opinions have been speculating ever since the movie “Elvis” came out. After over a year after filming, his voice seemed to be stuck impersonating Elvis Presley. Many comments were made on social media with different statements about his “new” voice. “He thinks he’s still Elvis” “Why is he doing this” “I don’t see the problem, let him speak however he wants????” “Why are people so pressed about someone’s accent…he’s an actor who portrayed a character it’s normal if the accent stays a while” “Leave him alone that’s my man!!!!!!!”

But personally, I am here for it! My hot take is that the voice is a new era for Butler. He’s got people swooning, screaming, and falling! The raspiness, the accent, it’s ethereal. Even I have fallen victim to the Butler craze! That man is like a Greek God, he’s truly one of a kind.

Yet, there are still critics who state that the way he’s talking is not genuine and that it is forced, but I don’t think so. Butler was immersed in his character for over two years. It makes sense for the voice to stick. Plus, why do they care so much about a voice that’s not even theirs? Let the guy live. He’s successful, rich, and talented. He’s been getting nominated left and right for many awards. Just recently Butler won a Golden Globe for the role of Elvis and got nominated for an Oscar in less than two weeks after his Golden Globe. He’s doing better than his critics ever will. 

Senior at Silver Creek, Jarrell Mabini, said “Who cares if he sounds different, just let him do whatever he wants.”.

I even did some research of my own and found videos of his acting years before “Elvis” took place. His way of speech is practically the same as it sounds now. In the show “The Carrie Diaries”, he had the raspiness, hints of the accent, and that heavenly tone of his. So, maybe he’s had this voice in him all along. 

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