What is “Blue Lock”, and how is it different from other sports anime?

SAN JOSE, CALIF. ⸺  On October 25, a new sports anime was released, and it quickly became one of the most controversial animes this season, as it has the highly-anticipated Shounen Jump (weekly magazine manga) anime adaptations.

Unlike others, Shonen Jump Sports Anime includes typical friendly teammates who work together and achieve the same dream. “Blue Lock” took a different approach. Instead of the cordial relationship between the teammates, the show focused more on each person’s selfish ego. 

The story starts with the main protagonist Yoichi Isagi, the striker for his school soccer team. And in the crucial moment, he decided to pass the ball to his teammate instead of taking the shot himself. This ultimately leads to his team losing and brings him much regret. And this is a great way to introduce the main protagonist and his passion for soccer and becoming the best player.

(Blue Lock Logo)

From: Wikimedia

After his bitter-sweet defeat, he got home and received a letter that invited him to a facility called Blue Lock. With this last hope, he joined in the hope of becoming a better player. Once he arrived at the meeting location he met the formidable striker Ryosuke Kira, and they had a talk about the game they were going against each other, after that they went into the facility and met one of the most crucial characters of the Anime Jinpachi Ego. (twenty out of thirty students at SilverCreek who watched the anime agree that Ego is the most crucial character in the anime.) He is one of the most interesting characters that is unique and has their own traits. 

After Ego shows what Blue Lock is, Isagi decided to change himself and become the best Striker in the world and join the project.  After joining the project he faced his first challenge, and that is a game of tag where the person who is “It” has to make the ball hit another player before the timer runs out. And after a grueling 135 seconds, IsagI was It, and with inspiration from Meguru, Bachira went for the highest-ranking player which is Ryosuke Kira, Isagi decided to betray Kira and hit him with the ball in full force and got Kira Eliminated. Which made one of the biggest differences between Blue Lock and a normal sports anime. As you would expect the two characters would become friends after the first meeting but Blue Lock hit you with the plot twist of ruining the friendship instead of continuing it. (twenty-five out of thirty students at silver creek high school find Blue lock more unique and stands out more compared to other anime.)

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  1. As someone who is watching blue lock, and a football fan for a long time. Who also plays a videogame called football manager (which is a club simulator, you can also create your own club, player, manager etc) – real life football clubs use this game to scout other players. It is that extensive and well known, off tangent there. Anyway, I can see what Ego is doing. Essentially, he has picked out players with bags of potential and is nurturing their talent, he’s looking for Japan’s Messi or pen..I mean Cristiano Ronaldo aka a wonderkid. I do feel like what Ego is doing is on the extreme end, however there can only one wonderkid


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