AMAs turned controversial: shamed for mistreatment of certain artists

Microsoft Theatre – where the AMAs took place 
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons 

By Rose Stefanac

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Wins are taken as the American Music Awards 2022, which was held at the Microsoft Theatre in honor of the AMAs that have taken place there for the past 47 years since 1973. The event took place on Nov. 20 at 5 p.m. Pacific time and was viewed by thousands in support of the artists performing, but not all are happy with the decisions made by the producers. 

One by one, incidents involving celebrities popped up based on assumptions of fans. Incidents involving artists such as Chris Brown, Ghost and many others. 

With all the busy planning done for the event days prior to the due date, the AMAs were a spectacle but not as greatly planned as it appeared to be. Examples of the slacking were seen when small mistakes started appearing; seats for the artists not labeled correctly, the photos of the artists not being accurate, etc. But, that’s not what started the whole controversy. 

Last minute, a tribute to Michael Jackson was abruptly pulled out from the AMA performances. The pulling out was for ‘reasons unknown’ as the artist in charge of the performance, Brown, posted on Instagram. No exact reason from the source has been sent out. People can only speculate. Speculations span from the AMAs not wanting him to perform due to his past controversy, to them preferring him not to perform due to an action Brown had done against the AMAs.

Fans were outraged when the AMAs were broadcasted. Their artist’s only screen time was a red carpet interview. Ghost fans were particularly angered by the fact that not only did their favorite artist have little to no screen time but that their winnings weren’t even broadcasted. The award was given, but all the public got was an audio of the event. 

The person presenting the band, Ghost, known for their top album, “Impera,” was ultimately coming all the way from Sweden to participate. Tobias Forge who was interviewed at the red carpet became an inside joke in the fandom when he was referred to as “Mr. Ghost” by his interviewer. When he was seated on his placement chair, the band on the seat wasn’t even a picture of his band. It was as if they just searched up rock band and chose the first thing there. Silver Creek freshman, Han Nguyen, says in all caps, “GHOST IS AN AMAZING BAND WITH A HUMBLE LEADER.”

Drama was initiated once more when the winner of Favorite Male R&B Artist award was revealed to be none other than Brown. Boo’s erupted from the crowd inciting the announcer, Kelly Rowland, to defend Chris Brown. She was majorly criticized by the media for her actions, believing she was defending Chris Brown’s actions. No statement was made.

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