Mr. Head: great teacher and friend!

By: Valerie Sandoval

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Thomas Head, an English teacher here at Silver Creek High School, not only teaches but also joins in other activities to stay involved with campus culture. With as much as Head does he should be recognized for his efforts.

Head started at Silver Creek in 2016 which means he has been here for seven years. When asked how many years he’s been here, Head started to struggle counting the years and said, “That’s why I switched majors”.

Head has always had the same passion for becoming a teacher, no matter what others said. Head mentioned, “My friends would warn me to not become a teacher because they’d worry I wouldn’t make enough money, but I didn’t listen.” Head brought up that he comes from a family of teachers, “My mom was a teacher, and my two aunts were professors,” he said. 

Mr. Head smiling outside on a sunny day.

Photo Credit: Valerie Sandoval 

Head also takes a role in yearbook planning as an advisor. He finds it very exciting but is also anxious for what the final results will look like by the end. When questioned why he joined the yearbook committee he responded, “There was an opportunity for the spot, and I have a passion for photography and the Silver Creek campus.”  

Head didn’t do any yearbook related things during his high school years due to his packed schedule, but he still enjoyed carrying his camera and taking photos of the campus. Head added, “I had a separate backpack for my camera.”

Many students don’t know that during Head’s first year at Creek, he taught choir. Towards the last few moments, there was a mention that Head is an advisor for Creek’s very own “KPOP club” (SCKP), he added that he’s been advising for 6 years and he took over the role after the previous advisor retired. Head says he really loves and enjoys the club.

Head is a great example of someone who stays involved, and a teacher that has great relationships with his students. He always has his classroom open for students to visit or hang out. Silver Creek High School is fortunate to have a great teacher who hopefully continues to be the best.

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