What We’re Thankful For ’22

The Raider Review Staff reflects on what they are thankful for this year.

“I’m thankful for my friends and my family. They keep me grounded; without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am also grateful for my dog, Cruz. He looks so silly and he’s funny. I love Cruz.” Sylvia Lopez, Class of 2023

“I’m thankful for the wealth, things like electronics or food, that my family provides since they didn’t have that when they were still young. I am also thankful for the education my mom and dad tell me to do. I am thankful for my mom and dad not spoiling me or catering to me, as parents do now, since kids of today are mostly spoiled brats that have no education because of parents. I am thankful for my family taking care of me when I have problems with things like school or acne. I am thankful for my parents teaching me manners and how to do sports like bowling and basketball.” Toby Bon, Class of 2026

“This is my cat, his name is Scooter and he is 4 years old. I love this cat so much it’s crazy, and I am so very thankful to him. I do many things for him but he also does a lot of things for me. Like sitting on my lap at the most inconvenient times, knocking stuff off my desk as I am working, opening my bedroom door in the middle of the night just to meow at me, and then leaving. I am simply blessed to have this shining light in my life. From begging for treats when in fact he just ate all of the ones I just gave him to try to break our printer every time we try to print something, I still love him. Thank you Scooter, I am so thankful to you and I’m still trying to figure out how to take you to college.” Abby Cordobes, Class of 2023

“This year I am thankful for Iced Matcha Lattes with oat milk. They bring me so much joy, if I start my day off with one I just know it’ll be good. This may be because I am addicted to them, but we can ignore that. Though, they do specifically need to have oat milk. I do have stomach issues and the whole milk will ruin my day and the next day as well.” Alexia Guizar, Class of 2023

“I’m very thankful for my long lost best friend, Christine, who I met at science camp in fifth grade and never talked to again. We have been recently reunited and many tears were exchanged and bones broken through hugs. At the time of writing this I’ve only known her for a total of 12 days.” Audrey Huynh, Class of 2026

“I am thankful for my family plus my dog Luna because they have been my number one supporters throughout my life. Every accomplishment, even if it’s small they are always celebrating. I would also say my friends because they all have been there to listen to every story I have. They gave me advice that has helped make my life better, made me laugh when I was down and just over all helped me make good memories to have.” Jasmina Lara, Class of 2023

Arriana Sumler, Class of 2024

“I am thankful for my family and friends. My family continuously supports my decisions and encourages me to make it out of high school with the best grades I can possibly receive. My friends have continuously supported me through many rough times. My friends helped me when I felt down and when I felt under the weather. My friends and family are everything to me and I want to let them know that I love them! <33 ” Katherine Doan, Class of 2026

“2020 to 2022, years of death, hate, and violence. There is a lot to be thankful for. The bright sun clearing the tears off our swollen eyes, radiant pink flowers proving that beautiful life can continue to exist during these times, and most importantly, our own joy that we bring to our friends and teachers every day. While the year so far has bombarded us with the greatest of negativities, our duties and responsibilities must never waver from where they were before.” Vedant Janapaty, Class of 2024

“I am thankful for my dog because he makes every day of my life better. Ever since he entered my life I’m always greeted with lots of zoomies. I will always be eternally grateful for all the love he gives me.” Jenny Le, Class of 2024

“I am thankful for having a home. Many people don’t have a house and I’m very thankful for having a home because it is a privilege to be able to own a house.” Tony Nguyen, Class of 2024

“I’m thankful to god for allowing the people to create League of Legends. I’m thankful to God for giving me his toughest battles when I open League. So the demons that crawl out of hell with their twisted bloated bodies, come to serve as my faithful allies in my time at the rift. And that I’m thankful for, a reason for my time to quit.” Hy Luu, Class of 2024

“I am thankful for chicken. I am thankful for chicken wings. They are very delicious. Eating chicken makes me happy. But I am not thankful for rotisserie chicken. I like my chicken wings spicy. I prefer my chicken wings with ranch. I prefer my chicken with the bones. Chicken is amazing. Without chicken, I am nothing. Without chicken, I’d rather eat bacon. I am also thankful for bacon.” Rose Stefanac, Class of 2026

“I am thankful for my bed. It is always there when I need it, especially at the end of the day. I am extremely grateful for the comfort it has given me over the years. I will never take it for granted.” Thu Nguyen, Class of 2023

“I am thankful for my adorable cat that sleeps with me all the time and helps me with my anxiety. I am also thankful for my family and everyone I have in my life for being there and helping me through whatever I’m going to. And I’m [thankful] for my dog as well cause she’s so adorable and is fun to be around and play with when I’m bored and bothered.” AJ Perez, Class of 2026

“I am thankful for my cats. I got my first cat last year because her family was murdered, so we had to take her in. Then the week before she was supposed to be neutered, we found out she went out and got herself pregnant. Thank god she did because now we have three amazing cats. I love them. It makes going home after a long day so much better knowing you have three cats waiting for you. When it’s late at night and [I’m] walking around, I’ll just find a cast sitting in the hallway. It’s a fun surprise just seeing cats run around all-day.” Leila Radwan, Class of 2023

“Something I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving is my dog, Speckles. With the stress of school and extracurriculars my dog has basically been sort of an emotional support animal for me. I love Speckles because of the comfort she gives me and her fun personality that makes her such an amazing companion.” Gaby Reynoso, Class of 2023

“I am thankful to my cousin who keeps me laughing and takes my mind off school. She always makes me laugh the most, till I start tearing up and can’t breathe properly. We both have the same interests which makes everything way more fun. She is dearest to me and I’m very thankful for her.” Valeria Sandoval, Class of 2026

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