Raider Hands at Concession Stands


An example of the concession stands high schoolers work in during these football games.
Photo Credit: Dreamstime

SAN JOSE, CALIF. ⸺ Members of high school clubs come together to fundraise for their clubs by working at the concession stands with the aid of Stanford University, but the food isn’t the only great outcome these club members can benefit from in this current football season. 

Stanford University offers high school clubs the opportunity to come and sell food at their concession stands during football games, though this is not as surface-level as it may seem. Yes, high school students are simply selling hot dogs and directing people on where to go, but these students are gaining so much more. They have the chance to make new connections and further connect with current ones. Working at these stands requires quick thinking, conversing skills, responsibility, team working abilities, and diligence; all of which are crucial life skills to take along with you everywhere you go. 

These concession stands are not the same as a regular fundraiser held at school. Learning to cooperate with others and further develop team working skills are just two of the benefits of participating in working these concession stands; teens are required to work with their co-workers for the day and communicate as they move around the space. 

For just a few hours, teenagers converse with game attendees and sell them food while experiencing bonafide work, as well. These high schoolers are able to get a glimpse of what it may be like to work, and this is especially great for the ones who have yet to experience a job prior. Exposure to the depths of interacting with various customers is important going into the world of working. The customers they meet are not the average high schoolers looking for a snack after school but are people of all ages, which will result in different kinds of interactions. 

This is also a time for students to just have fun and be in a new environment. “So many people were getting sturdy,” a Silver Creek junior revealed when asked about her experience working at the concession stands. Standing behind a counter will definitely become tiring, but being surrounded by friends, and potential new friends, will bring out a side of you that has the most fun. 

2 Silver Creek high schoolers revealed that working at the concession stands allowed them to experience something new and meet “cool, new people”. Another benefit these students were thrilled about while working was their access to free food and drinks, making the cold and exhaustion more bearable. Both students explained that it was also exciting to see parts of Sanford while they were there and have their first encounter with serving people, who were, “almost all kind and considerate to the workers,” one of the students stated. “Fear” is not something to feel when working at these stands; there is always at least one supervisor on standby, along with fellow regular employees, who are more than happy to help out. Students do not need to fret about being left alone and clueless about what to do next with the help of Stanford employees. 

Don’t miss this amazing chance to connect with new people and gain working experience at Stanford! There is so much to come in every opportunity you take.

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