New Overwatch 2 Character Announced at Grand Finals

By Raymond Hong

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Overwatch, a video game, had its Grand finals that took place in Anaheim, CA from Oct. 30 to Nov. 4. At the end of the tournament, a new character was introduced, Ramattra.

People were ecstatic to see which team would win in the grand finals of the Overwatch league. But even more excitedly, to see a new character. Blizzard had teased fans about the release of the character, stating that it would be a tank. With that information, people had theories as to who it was. The most popular theory being was that it was Mauga. 

Mauga was a friend of another character, Baptiste. They had met during Baptiste’s time in Talon. But on one mission, they ended up destroying a small town after not finding their target who was the leader of the “Playa cartel”. Disgusted by this, Baptiste fled the scene in a fishing boat.

File:Overwatch 2 full logo.svg
Overwatch 2 logo. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

When the character was revealed to be Ramattra, fans were split on whether this was a good choice or if it was a mistake not adding Mauga. Silver Creek High School student, Johnny Nguyen claimed that “Ramattra was the right choice. Mauga has no other appearance other than the Baptiste book; we barely know anything about him.” 

Ramattra is an omnic created for war but all he ever wanted was to create a better future for omnics. After the omnic crisis, he shed his munition and joined the Shambali. The Shambali is a secret order of omnics led by Tekhartha Mondatta. The Shambali started in the Himalayas, after the omnic war when omnics felt a spiritual awakening. In the Himalayas, they meditated for years on the nature of existence. They believed that they possessed the essence of the soul-making them spiritually equal to humans. When Ramattras’s attempts to make peace with humans were not successful, he decided that peacefully trying to coexist with humans would not work and that he would have to use force.

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