Drx Advanced To SemiFinal!

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – After 5 long matches, Drx made a massive comeback defeating EDG, and advanced to the semifinal on October 23, 2022. The quarterfinal will definitely be worth a watch with Drx.

Although often overlooked throughout the tournament, unlike T1 or Gen G, Drx went above and beyond and defeated many strong teams like EMEA’s Fnatic. The first four games between DRX and EDG were full of excitement and thriller. But when it came to the last game, words can’t describe the excitement of the match at its climax. Both teams gave everything they could, but it all came down to the last fight at the dragon pit where DRX Jungle managed to steal the dragon and DRX Deka got a Quadra Kill for the finisher.

(League of Legends logo)
Source: Wikimedia

The first round between DRX and EDG started slow and neither team was getting any kills. Both groups were trading objectives but Drx got more objectives around the map which led them to have a 2K gold lead. EDG managed to win the first fight, however, they weren’t able to get the objectives because their health was low, so both teams met up at the dragon pit.  EDG completely stopped Drx this time. After this, EDG went on and snowballed (when a team has a lead and increases it) in the first round. 

The second round started a bit faster as EDG jungle got the first blood when he ganked top. DRX tried to take back what they lost in bot lane but failed to do so as both teams traded one kill each. Although DRX was able to get the first herald, they were still dying to EDG bot lanner. But DRX support was able to kill viper so they got an early baron. But EDG took advantage of DRX taking the baron and got the infernal soul from the dragon. And so the game got dragged on to the late game. DRX bot lane tried to go for a backdoor but failed as the inhibitor respawn right before the nexus die. And EDG took the second game. (eight out of ten students from Silver Creek who watched the game predicted that EDG would take the win.)

In the third round, after losing two games in a row, DRX started to panic. But they picked themself right up and got a great pick for their jungle and bot lanner. Although DRX jungle had a rough start, however, DRX Bot lanner was able to put pressure on EDG bot lanner, so DRX Jungler was able to steal the Herald from EDG. Despite all of this EDG is still able to hold their ground and get some early kills for themself. While EDG is focusing on kills, DRX is focusing on objectives like dragons so they were able to delay the game. EDG has an easier time in team fights and tries to push to DRX inhibitor, but this didn’t go the way they wanted as DRX was able to get 3 kills and secure the Baron. The baron helped DRX get two inhibitors from EDG and created pressure so they were able to cloud souls which led to them securing their first win.

With this match-up ongoing, the fourth game started out slow as neither team was getting kills. But both teams were focusing on objectives. EDG was focusing on trying to get towers and because of this, they were able to get 2k gold leads thanks to the plates. But Drx was able to start stacking dragons and start regaining the lead.  With the lead, DRX was able to start split pushing and start gaining towers. But EDG was able to steal a dragon from DRX and delayed the dragon’s soul. However, the DRX top laner was able to catch the EDG bot laner and secured the baron. With the Baron buff, DRX was able to secure their second win and bring them to the last game.

Both teams started strong as this is the game that will decide which team will move on to the Semifinal. DRX Mid laner was able to get the first blood by getting a solo kill in mid. But the DRX jungler made a mistake in the top lane so the EDG jungler took the chance and got two kills back for EDG and which also helped them get the first dragon. However, DRX won’t let the game go as EDG want so they were able to take back the lead with a good gank from DRX mid-laner in bot lane. And so DRX started stacking the dragon to get the Dragon’s soul but was delayed by EDG as they trying to fight DRX on the 3rd Dragon. DRX was able to win the fight and extend the lead even more. On the soul dragon point, EDG was able to catch DRX’s top laner. But they weren’t able to stop DRX mid laner as he got a quadra kill and secure DRX a spot in the semifinal.(three out of twelve students at silver creek predicted DRX won.)

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