Travis Scott denies cheating allegations: ” I don’t know this person.” 

Scott at Openair Frauenfeld in 2019.
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Travis Scott, singer-songwriter famous for his album “Astroworld”, has been caught in a web of scandalous cheating allegations with rumored ex-girlfriend, Rojean Kar. The rumors originated when earlier last week, a blurry video clip of the two together was by the press at a set for one of Scott’s newest music videos.

Images found of the two together were found years after they were initially posted. Photos captured by paparazzi were released to the public, capturing a moment between Kar and an unidentified man, speculated to be Scott, making out in an unstated club.

Scott, being married, is receiving tons of backlash from social media, myself included. Scott was first spotted dating his now wife, soon to be ex-wife, Kylie Jenner early 2016. Jenner, known for her role in hit E! Entertainment show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. Ever since the show ended, she has built up her multi-billion dollar business in cosmetics and skin care while also raising two kids with Scott.

Jenner is ought to be devastated, not only has the man cheated on her once before in 2019 with the same person, but he’s been caught doing it again. The only reason Jenner even took him back was for Stormie, her oldest child with Scott. So him doing it again isn’t really helping with his case. 

The girl really is strong, I’ll give her that. If it were me dealing with that bull, I’d dump his butt into the streets. I mean once is already enough, he’d be gone by then. But TWICE, that’s when you start being real petty, gain full custody and take everything at that point. She already gave him a second chance, how many more chances does he want? 

I get that she wants her kids to have their dad in their lives but no need to deal with so much bad vibes. I can see that he’s a good person but that’s towards his kids. If he isn’t going to treat Jenner good, why bother? Not only is the girl successful, but she’s gorgeous. Guys would be lined up just to be with her, what makes Scott think he’s special?

Nothing can redeem Scott at this point, if the rumors are true then he has it coming. Jenner has already been through so much, with her business and her private life. Why is he making everything so hard for? With all the new lines of makeup coming out, let the girl focus on her business. 

Scott denies the allegations via an Instagram story, saying that he didn’t even know Kar, which is a total lie. Kar responded to Scott’s Instagram story by debunking the whole happy family persona he had facaded. Although, she is unreliable as she was claiming some of the people she had posted on her Instagram were Scott, despite the fact that during the time the photos were captured, Scott had a distinct neck tattoo. 

Having been linked to Kar since 2013, fans have speculated that she was the reason the married couple had split in early 2019. As evidence builds up more each day, it seems that Scott is undeniably guilty. But, some are still hung over the fact that Kar had lied about some details in her story. After all the shading Kar had done toward Scott and all the clues she gave to us drama-followers, she’s now denying that she was ever with Scott. 

The whole situation began because of a photo captured by Kar with Scott in the far background, but you put everything together, it just seems like Scott did cheat on Jenner, but Kar is making a few things up, making everything more confusing than it already is. “It’s pretty obvious the guy’s cheated on her, cmon.” says Zariah Garduno, a freshman attending Silver Creek. Another student from Silver Creek, Han Nguyen says, “Why isn’t she just being petty at this point, if he’s going to cheat on her like that, get with his best friend or something.

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