The Truth about Andrew Tate

Oct 26,2022

By Jenny Le

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – After recently being banned from multiple social media platforms, Andrew Tate continues to spread his misogynistic beliefs through reposted videos leading to young boys looking up to him as a role model.

As of lately, videos of Tate making misogynistic comments have spread all over social media, regardless of his being banned. So, why is this such an issue? Since videos of Tate surfacing on TikTok, a platform frequently used by teenagers, many teenage boys have begun to be influenced by Tate’s comments. Tate’s motive is to teach men how to become rich and get “high-quality women”. This leads us to why he created a “university” called Hustlers University. But, is it safe to join a university made by someone who is sexist and has said countless controversial comments about women?

A photo of Tate’s videos’ on TikTok.

Photo Courtesy: Jenny Le

It’s important to acknowledge that most of the things that Tate has said are incredibly objectifying and biased against women. In one incident where Tate was on a podcast, he said, “The reason why 18 and 19-year-olds are more attractive than 25-year-olds is that they’ve been through less d***.” He also proceeds to say that women who are 25 years old have “done way more”. This is concerning since Tate is in his 30s talking about women like this. Kayla Cuen, a junior at Silver Creek High School, said, “His content is accessible to everyone and can lead those with mental health issues or other issues to follow his lead and think that toxicity and this behavior is acceptable. Students at our school might be easily influenced or know well enough not to follow him.” Adding onto this, it sounds like Tate is trying to say that teenagers are easier to manipulate because of their naïveté. For those who don’t understand what he’s trying to say, he likes younger women. In my opinion, this makes him sound come off as a groomer, especially because he says this to 18-year-old girls who are fresh out of high school. Tate appears to say that they’re easier to manipulate so that he can form them into what he wants them to be.

This connects to the sexist remarks he has made in the past about how men are superior to women. In many podcasts, Tate is seen trying to justify his words after getting much criticism, but the only issue is that you can’t justify sexism. He refuses to admit he is sexist and talks about his opinions and beliefs like it’s something normal. Tate’s ideas are dangerous, especially because many teenagers see what he says on social media; and even if some don’t agree, there are going to be some who do. Tate tries to push himself on the Internet as someone powerful and successful when he makes money off of the bad things he says. This man isn’t a motivational speaker. After reviewing multiple podcasts, I can see that this man doesn’t believe that men and women are on the same level, nor does he believe mental health exists.

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