“Smile” is it really worth the hype?

                                                              By: Valerie Sandoval

SAN JOSE, CALIF.⸻ On Sept. 30, 2022, the movie “Smile” was released and has since blown up on different media platforms. The movie has become a massive hit due to its numerous, disturbing scenes.

“Smile” is a horror/psychological horror film that influenced a large uproar on the internet. At first, many people joked about it to make the movie seem scarier than it really is, but it really depends on whether you favor horror movies or not.

I feel the film gives a few frights; otherwise, it wasn’t as dramatic as others play it out to be. The trailer made “Smile” seem like any other movie, but it had a different vibe from those traditional horror movies, and I really enjoyed it. “Smile” exceeded expectations, and it had some really good jump scares but the other parts weren’t so great.

Fan of movie “Smile” looking at its photo cover.
Photo Credit: Valerie Sandoval

The movie displayed a very extraordinary way of taking such a simple image of a smile and turning it into a terrifying subject. Apart from that, the film does a great job of highlighting the experience of having bad trauma. I highly recommend “Smile” as it’s a perfect movie to watch together or alone if you’re a horror movie lover. It’s definitely worth the hype.

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