What is Lycoris Recoil and why is it so popular

SAN JOSE, CALIF.- As one of the most popular anime for summer 2022, Lycoris Recoil is coming to an end this Sept. 14.

Lycoris is an intelligent organization that operates a group of female spies, who eliminate threats and terrorists in order to keep peace in Japan. Takina Inoue is a member of the Lycoris.  During a mission to save her teammate she had to disobey the higher-up order, so she got sent to a smaller branch called Lyco Reco, where she met Nishikigi Chisato, and this is also where they begin their journey.

(Lycoris Recoil Logo)
From: Wikimedia

Although this is the first appearance of  Lycoris Recoil on the Internet, it has completely blown the Internet away. Unlike other popular franchise anime such as One Piece. Lycoris Recoil is still able to become one of the most popular anime that came out this year. And there are numerous factors that contribute to its popularity. One is the portrayal of the concept of a ‘cute girl with guns’. This is not the only series that has been successful with this concept. There is many other anime that gained popularity based on the same idea and got massive success such as Youjo Senki. Another factor that made the anime so successful is the fantastic dynamic between the lead duo; throughout the story, we get to see how the two work together to complete their mission.

The Thrilling Plotlines

One of the most significant factors in making this anime so popular is its thrilling plotlines. Lycoris has a very engaging storyline and is entertaining. Its plotlines were also able to draw out the characters’ charm,  making the viewer feel more connected to the characters.
(According to a small survey, 12 out of 30 students from Silver Creek enjoyed the plot of Lycoris Recoil)

Charming Characters

Not only do viewers get to see the charming dynamics between the main duo Takina and Chisato, but they also get to see more astonishing characters throughout the Anime. The awesome interaction between the characters also makes the anime more enjoyable to watch.

(According to a survey, 9 out of 32 students at Silver Creek watched Lycoris Recoil and loved most of the characters)

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