Tremendously thriving Trivedi

Trivedi walking through Christmas lights with her family.
Photo Credits: Avishi Trivedi

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Stellar Silver Creek high school senior, Avishi Trivedi, gives intel on her upbringing and influences of becoming a woman in STEM during her teen years.

Before Trivedi’s STEM years, let’s talk about who she is as a person first. In just 4 adjectives, Trivedi would describe herself as ambitious, inquisitive, tenacious, and spontaneous; and from someone who has seen her in action, there is no fallacy in that statement. “I’ve seen Avishi working in class, and she is most definitely a hard worker. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her give up on anything, either,” as stated by one of her classmates. Trivedi enjoys shows that aren’t predictable and have great plot twists; her current favorite TV show is a tie between “New Sherlock” and “The Good Place.” If she were an animal, it’d be “some kind of bird”, as she reveals to be both her favorite and spirit animal. A favorite bird of Trivedi’s is a duck; “It flies, swims, and waddles. Ducks are living the dream”. Trivedi is not one to indulge in the beliefs of astrology, but she does love the belief of the connection between celestial bodies and people, like the alignment of stars. “It’s a beautiful concept to believe in; that humans are just a physical shell of connected souls.”

Aside from being a complete girl boss STEM major, Trivedi enjoys doing art. As one of Silver Creek’s CAT (Creating Art Together) Club officers, she utilizes her creativity to its max in CAT. Her ideal day would consist of doing an art project, most likely painting. Trivedi has also grown into taking part in various other art forms: drawing, dance, and music (Trivedi even played the violin as a child!).

As Trivedi formed a passion for art, she began to do the same for the STEM program. Her initial introduction to STEM, specifically in engineering, were her biggest supporters, her parents. Both of her parents are computer scientists that love working in the field, influencing Trivedi to venture out into STEM. Trivedi grew up hearing countless, unfamiliar terms that she was determined to find understandings to. 

She began to work with a lot of data, organizing an environmental festival where she had led an initiative to make her community a safer place. During the event, Trivedi interviewed the attendees to collect data on which locations in their community they felt were not as safe as they had wished. By making a coding program that analyzes the data to look for commonalities each location shared, Trivedo found trends that relayed concerns about where each place did not have a clear path for pedestrians to walk next to open roads. This is an astounding accomplishment. Round of applause for Trivedi! 

Trivedi was conflicted between computer science and physics, but the deeper she got into the concepts and applications of coding, the more she knew she was set on pursuing a career in computer science. She plans to go into the artificial intelligence and machine learning field with how much awe she finds herself in when learning about how well human tasks can be replicated with technology. Problems can be held under the assumption of impossibility, like “a halting problem paradox”, but computer science allows her to solve issues through a creative lens. Math and science nudged her towards STEM even more. She uses mathematical and scientific skills she’s developed over the years to conceptualize abstract scenarios. STEM has taught Avishi to acknowledge and cross the boundaries of what she presumed to be unsolvable, expanding all horizons she had not known were there to begin with. 

Trivedi’s definition of “success” is to be happy. The circumstances don’t matter, even if they are “generally good,” if the person is not happy with how their life has turned out. Trivedi is on the way to pursuing her goals of keeping up with academics and wrapping up her senior year with the classic “high school experience”. After, Trivedi wants to attend college to study computer science and build a career out of the profession. Trivedi is a phenomenal, young woman meant for amazing things!

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