Silver Creek’s girl soccer team season kicks up

SIlver creek’s girl soccer team celebrating at last season game 
Photo Credit: Sophia Romo a senior apart of creek’s girl soccer team

SAN JOSE CALIF. — Silver Creek girl’s soccer team is about to start their season with the first day of tryouts on Oct. 31 at the football field. 

With the girl’s soccer season coming up, this is the time for female athletes or girls who like soccer to try out. This is a good opportunity to become part of a team and make new friends . 

Girls soccer tryouts consist of a mix of different soccer drills based on simple soccer skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting. Defensive and offensive drills are also displayed to show the coaches how well you can play different positions  

Past players, such as sophmore, Summer Jaques have expressed how much they enjoyed being on the team because soccer was a safe environment where they were able to have a support system. “My experience on the team was really memorable, I always felt comfortable with the girls and loved how much support we all had from each other. Every moment we were together as a team I always enjoyed.” stated Jaquez.

“Not only was it fun but it was also an opportunity to make new friends. Since my freshman year was all through zoom, I came into my sophomore year not knowing anyone, but once I joined the team it was so much different. I got to make a lot of friends and create some strong bonds with certain people. It also made it easier to get through the school year.” Almendra Galvez, a junior at Silver Creek high school explains.

The soccer season is a winter sport and takes place between the months of mid October through February. The official start day for winter sports is October 31. 

The Silver Creek Girls’ Soccer Team is a part of the Blossom Valley Athletic League in the  Santa Teresa East Division. Game limits for the soccer seasons are 20 games, 2 scrimmages and 1 non-CIF contest. (Soccer Girls STE 2023 Schedule)

To be eligible to play a high school sport you must first have an athletic physical. Without an athletic clearance you’re not allowed to participate in highschool sports. 

The season’s first game of the soccer season will be on Jan. 3 against Evergreen High School. Junior varsity will be starting at 5 p.m. Varsity starts at 7 p.m. The game will be played at the Silver Creek campus on the football field.

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