Do you know the Amazing Cardott?

SAN JOSE, CALIF.— Anthony Cardott is a teacher at Silver Creek who is hosting a trip to Peru, which you could go to! Read more to find out how this trip came to be! 

Cardott has been a teacher since 2009 and has had such a huge impact on students and even those who are not in his class.

 He currently teaches Spanish one and two, and despite only teaching those classes, those are not the only languages he knows. He is a world language teacher and he speaks German, Spanish, and of course English.

 If you are hungry or ever get dropped off too early for school, he will always be there to help you out! As a matter of fact, unbeknownst to most, he is planning a nine day trip to Peru for this summer. It all started last year, when he had an itch to travel there. Instead of simply going alone or with his family, he decided to ask his students, and anyone else who was interested if they wanted to go. He even goes out of the way and schedules lunches so that students who say that they are going, can get to know one another. 

Most students, when asked about having Cardott as a teacher, are glad to have had him as a teacher and others really wish they did have him. It is not because his class is  “easy to pass” but because when he teaches you the language, you really get to know the bits and pieces of the language and culture and not just the basics. His class is built to help you succeed. When asked what differentiates between students who care and those who don’t he instead said the difference is those who come prepared and those who don’t, when you are prepared you have more success. 

Originally Cardott had wanted to become a camp counselor, but two of his friends had begun substituting for schools  during the 2009 finance crash. When he first finished college and got his degree, he didn’t even want a job but he realized the money of teaching was good enough for him. He shortly came to the realization that kids are better than most adults as they are ready to learn but adults are usually selfish people. He had the qualifications to later become a world language teacher as he majored in Linguistics and Literature. 

Cardott believes that students have taught him to understand where they come from. As a teacher he hopes to be a model of an emphatic, ethical, adult who simply doesn’t just go for the simple route. He also says that he is human and sometimes the school environment can affect him and he has many problems within. Cardott came up with a great saying when he was asked what message he wants to give his students, “The person next to you is also learning.” It makes a lot of sense for students to worry without thinking that the person right next to them is also worrying about what they think of them as well. 

Although Cardott gives his best into teaching, he has quite the ordinary home life. If you ever see Cardott come into school on certain days and there’s a bike in his classroom, it is because he biked all the way from home to work! He plays guitar and takes time to learn songs. He enjoys spending time with his son and cooking food to enjoy. 

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